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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  July 19, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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afternoon. more on the heat for the week coming up. >> reporter: we are doing okay on the highways. people are starting to get up and get out the door and onto the road. let's see how things are moving on 795. moving from reisterstown down through owings mills this is at could beies mill -- cockys mills road a few incidents this morning. accident eastern avenue at south haven closed due to the accident. traffic is diverted at haven. we have a water main repair baltimore national pike at johnnycake. megan. >> thanks so much. when you need a medical emergency, you want to make sure the best emts are the ones taking care of you. but this morning, a cheating scandal has been uncovered at baltimore's fire academy. linda so joins us with what students are accused of doing. linda. >> reporter: well, 20 students are accused of getting their hands on a state exam before they took the test. they were in the same class. the exam was found last month at the training facility on
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northern parkway. it involves the practical segment of the exam. testing recruits on the ability to care for injured patients. how they got access to the exam and who gave it to them is being investigated. chief clack says all 20 students will be retested and anyone who has been involved with training and testing in that class will be investigated. the training center will be closed until the investigation is completech the chief says he is disappointed a few recruits can damage the reputation of the department. >> some of the best emts and paramedics in the country and this kind of cast a shadow on that. unfortunately, and it reflects on all of us. >> reporter: the 20 recruits ainvolved in the scandal are still in training and they are not acting as emts and will be retested with a different exam to make sure they he meet state standards. linda so, abc2 news. one minimum after five -- one minute after five.
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otis rolley will outline his plan to combat crime. he will have a news conference this afternoon at sinclair lane e says the goal is to cut city's crime rate by 20% in his first term. and coming up tonight, you will be able to ask questions about the fort avenue bridge reconstruction project. the department of transportation is holding an informational meeting and among the issues to be addressed, the construction schedule, recommended detour and access for emergency services. it will be held from 6:30 until 8:30 at baltimore metropolitan council offices on mchenry road. it took about six million doll -- 6 million dollars to build the cherry hill road and today there's an event to mark the opening. sherrie johnon is live -- johnson is live with how it will benefit drivers in baltimore county. >> reporter: well, we are here on cherry hill road. looking behind me, you can see the bear kids. but later this morning, things will pick up and these
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barricades will be gone. it's been a long time coming. about two years to be exact. but later this morning, there will be a brief ceremony to open the cherry hill road bridge connecting owings mills bull vaferred and reisterstown road -- boulevard and reisterstown road. this bridge connects two major arteries. owings mills boulevard and reisterstown road. it will help alleviate some of the traffic headaches in the area and the two lane bridge cost about $6 million to build. that ceremony starts at about 11:30 and baltimore county executive kevin came nets nets and eng-- came nits and -- kamenetz and engineers will be here. heads up for this you -- for you this morning, your water service may be disrupted in the eldersberg area. water service will be
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temporarily shut down to 45 homes in the area. they will install two new water main valves. service will be shut down starting at 8 and until 2 in the afternoon until the repairs are complete. a developing story this morning. some controversy over plans to build condominiums in bowley's quarters. some say it would take away from the beauty of the area. others feel you can't stand in the way of progress especially after this part of baltimore county was under water when hurricane isabel blew through. however, you -- however you feel, now is the time to give your input. >> a lot of people think because it is not built it's defeated. that's not true. this is a very important time to speak out against what you don't want to have built in the future. >> hearings on the project has been going on since january and they will continue into the fall. four minutes after five right now. just a few weeks after the giant dust cloud, clouds in the
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phoenix arizona area, mother nature is at it again. >> another storm blankets that region again. how big was this one and what health concerns is it causing? if you battle high blood pressure a. study suggest cutting foods can help bring it down. we will tell you what they are. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning.
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check this out a3,000 foot high wall of dust rolled through the phoenix area and turned the sky brown and created dangerous driving conditions. even delayed some flights at sky harbor international airport. this is the second such storm in two weeks. they are known as haboo about. s and they occur in dry sandy places, the sahara desert and middle east. >> doctors say there was a fear it could create dust fever for flu-like symptoms and many people in phoenix there's not a risk for it now. but stay tuned because another one could be coming in. >> i think you would want sunglasss that would sting your
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eyes. hopefully most people saw it from inside their homes right, justin? >> that's right. thankfully nothing like that around here yet. but the drought concerns may be making you think about dust getting kicked with up wind we could get. we are starting to feel the pinch here of the lack of rain. the storms that dotted around us the last couple weeks, not this morning. 76 degrees in baltimore. altuna with 72. watch the cloud advance to the east. you see the last couple frames here. this is a hint of a boundary dropping to the south and they think we could have a trigger for some storms to fire up in the next couple hours. this morning, that's right before the sun comes up, there could be showers and storms and probably going to linger the boundary with the light risk of severe weather popping up this afternoon. typical late day stuff with the heat of the day. temperatures mid-70s this morning. officially comes up at 5:56. we will go 89 by lunchtime and pushing 93 our two degree guaranteed high that's cooler than yesterday's 95.
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that will come with more clouds and that slight risk of veer -- severe storms with damaging winds and more hail. more on the full heat for the week coming up in moment. tonya. >> reporter: in anne arundel county an accident at i-97 at dorsey. be aware of that. we are doing okay on other major highways. let's look at the beltway at wilkins. no problems to report on the southwest side -- to report on the southwest side. we have the heavier traffic on left of the screen. all lanes should be open. another accident right now is on eastern avenue at south haven street. that is closed due to an accident at macon. the traffic is going to be diverted at haven. also water main repairs ongoing and emergency water main repairs baltimore national pike at johnnycake. charley. >> thanks a lot. ten minutes after the hour. so, you suffer from high blood pressure. a new study from the journal of circulation claims replacing carbs with soy protein could help your heart. if you don't like soy you can use low fat dare that can also
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reduce your risk of a stroke. -- dairy that can also reduce your risk of a stroke. we are talking about from texas all the way up to minnesota. >> how hot it is getting across the mid-south and what they are doing to keep residents safe. also ahead, when it comes to talking about the heat, that heat is taking a toll on a lot of us. what foods we can stock up on that will help with the blazing temperatures. yeah, and some of them may surprise you. the fruits and veggies but we have you covered. you are watching, "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. we will be right back. ♪
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it's about 15 minutes after the hourch the blistering heat stifle the country being blamed for as many as a dozen deaths in the past week. now that hot air is mixing with intense humidity and it is shattering hundreds of record highs as it spread eastward coming for us. and it's not over yet. abc's karen travers has the latest. >> reporter: with temperatures soaring even this pool provided
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little relief in central pennsylvania. >> very, very hot. it's like you're burning. >> reporter: a massive heat dome is scorching the middle of the country. 20 states from texas to minnesota and into ohio are under a heat watch warning or advisory. so much of the heat is centered over areas drying out after massive spring floods. all what surface water is evaporating at adding high humidity to triple digit misery. almost 3/4 of texas is in an exceptional drought. here's lake travis before the drought, and here is what it looks like now. in neighboring oklahoma, ponds are drying up forcing farmers to move fish by hand to save them. >> we have dry hot summers in oklahoma. but we have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: parch oklahoma set a record for water use on saturday. if the heat continues, they will have to set water restrictions. >> our main message is use water wisely.
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>> reporter: thousands of travelers in minnesota were stuck in traffic after the concrete on a major interstate highway buckled under the extreme heat. the heatwave is just starting to hit new york city, but already, workers there say the conditions are excruciating. >> very hot. very hot today. pass out kind of weather. >> it's too hot. it's over 100 something. >> reporter: there's little relief in sight. forecasters expect the heat to last through the end of the week. karen travers, abc news. >> the scorching temperatures are look for ways to beat the heat but here's something you may not have thought you have of altering the grocery list might help you whrt worst of the summer. >> you need to be eating and we need to be eating light meals, eating often and we want to make sure we replace a lot of the water that we lose when we are sweating. >> how do you do that to replace the water? stocking up on fruits and vegetables which are mostly all
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water and nutritious for you. fill up the car with alternative -- fill up with carb with all the terntive fats. check out flavored waters and other drinks because some can have more than a day's worth of sugar in one bottle. something to keep in mind. >> i heard that no fried foods and more fruits and veggies than normal. >> like the rest of the year is what it is something in the -- somebody in the dietary field will tell you. this is when we are trying to keep cool. >> there's the heat dome mentioned. 97 the lowest shading at the bottom part of the screen. on in through kansas oklahoma and texas, we hit 95 matching new york. hot spots across the east coast yesterday newspaper sitting mid to upper 70s.
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we dropped to 76 with storms back towards the west. you will notice the 80s back to chicago and des moines and st. louis and those are the morning temperatures. and that could be our future the next couple days. cluster of thunderstorms in between basically high pressure in control and while it's hot and that dome of high pressure is responsible for providing heat across the nation, it's mid-july. this is something we do expect and it lasted a little longer for a lot of places and building on some of the heat. yes, there will be records to be found and we may challenge a record or two as we head towards the end of the week. but it's about this little pocket of cool air and trigger in the atmosphere to build up storms and i think there's going to be a zone as it drops south to maybe build in some severe storms this afternoon. that could bring in some damaging wind of 60 miles pir hour and large -- per hour and large hail and isolated risk of something spinning up. not that much of a shot in the atmosphere. there will be a shot to build up storms. future radar indicates this afternoon and then again
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tomorrow afternoon with showers and storms trying to fire up. this looks more impressive than we earlier expected for wednesday afternoon. and if we are lucky we get two days with scattered storms around here. but when you hear about thunderstorms, don't think to yourself what time is it going to come? these are going to be hit or miss and scattered afternoon storms and it doesn't guarantee everybody is going to get nailed with some boomers. but something to keep in mind as we head to the next few after noons. there could be flare-up around the chesapeake and we build up the bay breeze boundary getting in through wednesday night and thursday morning. today, 93 will do it. and a slight risk of storms turning severe in thea noon. an isolated storm overnight. more muggy is what we should focus on at 74. heading through the rest of the week, temperatures get their way back up to 94 tomorrow and 97 on thursday. and i think our best shot of hitting 100 would be on friday and maybe again on saturday. they will put it -- pull it back hard to keep 100 degree readings but we will be mighty
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close heading through the end of the week and scale it back to the lower 90s by the end of the weekend. tonya. >> reporter: that's what i stay -- when i stay inside. marc train 401 is on a 6-minute day and minor delays on light rail. so be aware of that in your planning. let's look at the beltway at liberty road. no issues here. all of your lanes should be okay on the outetter loop to the left where the oncoming traffic is. we have a few incidents to tell you about eastern avenue at south haven that intersection is closed due to an accident at eastern and macon. we have water main work baltimore national park at johnnycake road. the left turn lane is closed. also 97 south at dorsey road, accident over on the right shoulder. back to you. >> all right. it's birthday time. dakota turns 17 creed and we want to wish -- years old and we want to wish dakota happy birthday yesterday.
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>> yesterday was the birthday lauren turned 6 yesterday and she was happy. hope awed happy birthday. >> and if you have great photographs to share including the picture of the day, george and kelly dixon celebrated the 7th wedding anniversary on sunday. and congratulations to them and they have two sons and are very happy so we want to wish them a happy anniversary and thank you for watching "good morning maryland." >> remember if you have a picture you want to share, we would love to show it off. send it to us morning show at and just give us the facts behind the picture so we can pass it along to everybody else. >> all right. coming, receipt session continues across the u.s. and -- the recession continues across the u.s. and another company announces pink slips. >> which company is laying off more than 6 how employees. parking meters turns up hefty fees if you want to park in some cities. who tops the list and how much drivers are paying. you will be priced. you are -- surprised. you are watching "good morning
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maryland" first and only at 4:30.
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now "good morning maryland." news time is 5:25. more pink slips are being hand out. sis hello, plans to lay off 9% of the work force. the ceo revealed cuts were coming in may when he pledged to make the company more profitable. the computer networking giant is also selling the plant in mexico to a technology grew out of taiwan. seems more likely borders will be closing sunday with the deadline for bids to keep them in business. but there were none. the nation's second largest bookstore chain has 400 stores and employs almost 11,000 people. gold prices have reached a record high for the 1600 dollars an ounce. they got a boost from europe's debt crisis and uncertainty over the u.s. debt ceiling. silver prices are moving up. rising about 40 dollars an ounce for the first time since early may. well, speaking of money, no
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wonder so many people use the subway in new york city. drivers in midtown manhattan pay as much as 40 dollars an hour to park their vehicles. in chicago, the rate is about 28 dollars an hour. and that's well above the national average of about 9 bucks an hour that is according to colers international. >> might need a ounce of gold to park there. >> you have to. 40 bucks an hour? >> an hour. i would walk everywhere i think. pricey. peeve seen -- we have seen the photos of the signs on highway signs that say zombies ahead? >> suspected hackers in north carolina take a more politicalstance in their message. and a bear on the prowl. across new mexico, where is the picnic basket? who's -- whose home did he innovate. we are first and only at 4:30. now up to new york for this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, good news for students amazon announced a digital
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textbook rental program users can buy access to tens of thousands of textbooks for a set period and up to 80% off the purchase price and this is not just for kendels they can be read on apple and microsoft window devices a well. mystery case files the at will by go gives the latest installment of the point and click adventure high marks for the environment and engaging story line. >> you are given a list of items you have to find in each picture and this is actually challenging, it's not stressful. you are not saving the earth from alien invasion or something else. it's something you can do and kick back and relax. >> reporter: mystery case filesis available for the nintendo wii and retails for $30. those are your tech bites. i am rob nelson.
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now "good morning maryland." the back and forth continues on capitol hill regarding the government's debt ceiling. are our leaders any closer to making a deal? >> reporter: it's a bridge that will help alleviate traffic problems in one part of baltimore county. i am sherrie johnson. today, the charry hill road bridge opens. -- cherry hill road bridge opens. rain coming down causing problems in the same port city of new orleans. how bad did things get. pretty bad but we will tell you more ahead on this tuesday morning. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley pringle. megan is back and you had a observation coming in about the weather. >> i left the house and i thought i would have to tack my coat off. not that it's a winter coat on but a blazer. it


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